WE EXIST” non-governmental organization, Brussels

NGO, catering, Syrian food, Belgium

We Exist is created and managed by Syrians. The goal of We Exist is to facilitate integration into the labor market for people who escaped from conflict and persecution. The aim is to promote participation in socio-economic and cultural life and to raise awareness of Syrian culture and traditions.

They are kind of social enterprise organization for new comers and they provide catering of Syrian food on different events in Brussels (festivals, conferences, meetings, dinners, brunches etc.). Their clients are primarily various public institutions and also individuals such as municipalities, various commissions etc. For now, only director is employed in the organization. Demand for their services is rising, so they plan more regular jobs in the future. The plan for the future is also to open a Center for Cultural and Culinary Exchange, where they will serve food and organize events, workshops and culinary food experiences in their own premises.