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Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto
DRPDNM (Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo mesto) is Slovenian non-governmental and humanitarian organisation, working in the public interest in the area of social care, youth and culture. Our mission is to contribute to more inclusive and open society for all.

Our two leading programs therefore deal with inclusion of socially excluded groups and with the stimulation of the NGO development and civil dialogue. Our activities within the programs are performed by expert and voluntary work. We promote the values of solidarity, tolerance, voluntarism, active living, clean environment, citizenship awareness and inter-cultural dialogue, citizens participation…
contact : Maja
phone : +38 67 39 39 210
mail : majazun[at]

Management, Accounting and Education Research Association
MAERA is a Portuguese non-profit organisation founded in 2014, which aims to promote, support and disseminate research in Management, Accounting and Education.
contact : Telma
phone : +351 93 11 04 603
mail : info[at]

Danmar Computers
Danmar Computers is a private company providing vocational training in the field of Information Technology and a wide variety of ICT solutions. Besides training it offers training programs and course material development and counselling. Danmar Computers has expertise in creation of customized web pages, mobile applications, e-learning systems and web campaigns. The company’s technical staff has the capability to develop any web or mobile application with the use of web servers, application servers and database technologies, including social and cloud services, both from the client’s and server’s sides…
contact : Malgoraza
phone : +48178536672
mail :m.miklosz[at]

Graphistes de l’Ombre
GO-ercn (Shadow Designers – European Responsible Communication Network) is a non-profit organization created in 2006 in Marseille that functions as a participative network of free lances and firms.

Our core values revolve around respecting human rights and our living environment, while contributing to a more equal and equitable society based on social and ecological responsibility and intercultural awareness.
contact : Yves
phone : +33 4 91 22 10 06
mail : helllo[at]

Asociacion Pedagogica Stucom
APS in a non profit organization created in Barcelona in 2008. A team of 20 experts and 600 which grow in number every year.

One of its aims is to support Centre D’Estudis Stucom in its cultural and social tasks so youth can be involved in activities and projects that offer them a different and more complete vision of the world they live in and of Europe and on projects that help to members of disadvantaged communities (refugees, immigrants) that live next to Stucom .
contact : Rosario
phone : +34 6 00 25 03 54
mail : rcuart[at]