social enterprise, restaurant and catering company, Slovenia

Skuhna is a restaurant and catering company offering authentic dishes from Africa, Asia and South America, prepared by international chefs. Due to the cultural diversity brought by the employees, many interesting cultural events are organized at their premises in the middle of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Skuhna is a unique space, conceived and managed by migrants from the global south and operating on the principles of responsible entrepreneurship.

Skuhna was developed from a small non-governmental organization, Zavod Global, which combined the rich culinary knowledge of migrants from Africa, Asia and South America into social enterprise with goal to provide majority population in Slovenia to learn about distant countries. The idea comes from the way in which migrants have the power in the fields of culture and cuisine, and that the interest of the majority population to learn about and taste them is big enough to carry entrepreneurial potential. The whole Skuhna project is set on the basis that diversity enriches and strengthens us.