PEI is an initiative of the Alto Comissariado para as Migrações – the Gabinete de Apoio ao Empreendedor Migrante – GAEM (GAEM targets migrants (e/immigrants) with a business idea to implement in Portugal, needing orientation and operational support to understand if the idea is viable as well as to structure and develop the idea. This office works in the Centros Nacionais de Apoio a Migrantes of Lisbon, Porto and Faro. For detailed information see: and has the purpose to encourage the entrepreneurship by communities of immigrants, especially those who live in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods, through the . 

This measure is being developed in the country since 2009. For detailed information see: Its purposes are:

  • Develop an enterprising attitude to life, promoting self-esteem  and trust in yourself;
  • Develop personal, social and business management skills, essential to the business creation;
  • Promote the business creation in a sustained way;
  • Facilitate the connection between the potential entrepreneur and the entrepreneurship support programs already existing and carried by several entities;
  • Promote the execution of businesses already existing in the informal economy.

The main project activities and support are:

  • Course «Supporting the Creation of Businesses», it lasts for 62 hours, during 10 weeks (10 group and 8 individual sessions). This allows in leading the attendee in structuring a business idea and in the development of the entrepreneurial skills. At the end of each course, two documents can be issued:
    • Certificate of Attendance (CF) confirms the presence (total) at least in seven group sessions and in two individual sessions.
    • Letter of Recommendation (CR) that focus on the maturity of the business idea. This document proves, in the trainer’s perspective, that the business project at issue gathers conditions to become a credible business, being its development recommended, in order to implement.
  • Consulting – addressed to the participants whose business idea indicates to gather conditions to become a credible business, namely the attendants who received the Letter of Recommendation. This support has as goals: Restructure little aspects of the business idea (when that justifies); Identify financial supports or others; Support the business execution; Guide in the business management, in the meantime formalised.
  • Consulting meetings are held after the course and are, generally, individual. Consulting meetings are promoted by the trainer and are held by request of the entrepreneur, having in account specific necessities.
  • Thematic workshops, meetings or other events organised within the support initiatives to the migrant developer pursued by the ACM.