1. Become an employer open to refugees

Review the government’s recommendations on the employment of refugees. 

2. Give your employees the opportunity to help refugees

If your employees want to help refugees, give them the opportunity to do so. 

3. Use your company’s goals to make a social impact

Many companies are using their resources and business model to help refugees cope with the challenges they face. For example, a social networking giant could partner with non-profit organizations to improve access to employment; an internet service provider could offer internet access in refugee camps; or a local bakery could offer training programs. Contact local refugee organizations near you to find out what skills can fill a gap and make a difference.

4. Offer jobs

Many refugees are highly educated and highly qualified, but often find it difficult to find employment because of government policies, because they are discriminated against, and so on. 

5. Help refugees to reach their full potential

Access to training and decent work is often part of what refugees want most in a new country.

Amnesty website – what business can do